How I Work

I am a cognitively oriented therapist. That is a fancy way to say I pay a lot of attention to your thoughts. There are only three things in the universe you can control: your thoughts, your feelings, and your behaviors. It is your thoughts that drive your feelings and behaviors. The better you manage your thoughts, the better you manage your emotions and your life.
Consider a pair of 6-year-old identical twins at the beach. As they walk into the water a big wave comes and knocks them both down. The one on the left thought it was an adventure and wants to do it again. The one on the right thought they were going to die and wants to go home. They both had the exact experience but what they told themselves about the experience determined how they felt. 
As a therapist I help you to unpack your thoughts and help you to change them if they are getting in your way. I also teach you skills to better manage your emotions so you can better manage your life and build a life worth living.